Wholesale Mirror Plates

Where can I buy mirror plates online? 

The mirror plate or mirror centerpiece is a mirror foundation for a table display that is usually placed at the center of the table and topped with a candle, flowers, crystal table scatter or anything else you desire. It is preferred table decoration as it reflects the decor creating an added layer of elegance. This mirror plate has an inner beveled edge and rubber feet below it to keep it in place and avoid table scratches. Badais International offers high-quality mirror plates at bulk prices with delivery in the UK.

How can I use mirror plates?

The mirror plates can be used to make your event more unique by combining them with glass containers with flowers, fruits, pebbles, and water. You can make your wedding more stylish using round mirror plates with simple vases filled with flowers. You may also place hurricane vases with long candles on them. The reflection of the candle’s flame will create a unique atmosphere.

Whether you’re preparing a brunch party or a birthday party, you can decorate your dining table with round mirror centerpieces with a green moss-covered nest to create bucolic flair or you can create a nautical vibe filling a bowl glass with seashells, sand, pebbles, or else.