Wholesale Hurricane Vases

What is a hurricane vase?

Hurricane vases are tall cylindrical glass vases used mainly for flower arranging. They are also used as table centerpieces with a candle. For this reason these vases are often called candle vases. Floating candles are also a popular option for a hurricane vase. Oftentimes, the candles are designed together with stones or flower petals.

What can I put in a hurricane vase instead of flowers?

People use hurricane vases based on their size and specific shape. Large hurricane vases can be used for your Christmas decoration at home together with festive glass baubles. You can also fill your hurricane vase with corks, seashells, or other summer ornaments to create a nautical vibe. 

We have listed several alternative fillers that you can use to arrange your hurricane vase:

  • Wine corks
  • Balls of yarns or twines
  • Single large plant leaf
  • Beans
  • Scrabble tiles
  • Fake or fresh fruits