Wholesale Flowers

Where can I buy flowers in bulk online?

Badais International is a wholesale flower supplier offering fast and easy delivery of fresh flowers directly to your place with next day delivery anywhere in the UK. We supply our customers with the freshest seasonal stems coming from our gardens in the Netherlands.

You can buy your wholesale flowers online directly from our online flower shop and choose the delivery date. That makes our wholesale flower ordering a fast and effortless process. Besides, our florists are always ready to help you through the process so do not hesitate to call us anytime if you need any further information.

How can I buy flowers wholesale?

One of the main aims of Badais International is to offer the most competitive prices on all wholesale flowers and plants as well as delivery fees. That makes us a great place if you’re a professional florist or landscapers looking for a wide variety of flowers to purchase in bulk at a budget price directly from a wholesale flower distributor.

Buying wholesale flowers through us is an easy task. You just need to visit our online flower shop and choose from a wide selection of the freshest seasonal flowers to buy in bulk. Flowers like roses are available all year round while other flowers, like peonies, are in stock only during a certain season. One is sure - you will get your wholesale flowers fresh and vibrant just like you see them in the photos on our website.