• Garden Rose Princess Miyuki®
  • Garden Rose Princess Miyuki®

Garden Rose Princess Miyuki®

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Colour: WHITE
Stem Length: 50cm
Stems per Bunch: 12
Price per Stem: 157p

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Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Miyuki (First Snow) embodies her name and evokes the fresh purity of her colour. It is rare to find a pure white rose, especially one with a romantic fragrance, but this variety's large, high-centered blooms smell deliciously of myrrh — a rich, warm, sweet yet spicy fragrance reminiscent of aniseed.

Bunch: 12 stems
Colour: White
Bloom Form: High – centered
Bloom Size (6 day period): Starts at 2.0 and opens to 5.2 inches
Head Size: Large
Petal Count: 70
Fragrance Intensity: 5 of 5
Fragrance: Myrrh, licorice
Vase Life: 10 Days
Origin: Japan
Length: 40-60 cm
Side Shoots: No
Bloom Opening Habit: 70%
Cultivar: Virginal
Awards: SAF Red Ribbon