• Garden Rose Pink O'Hara®
  • Garden Rose Pink O'Hara®

Garden Rose Pink O'Hara®

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Colour: PINK
Stem Length: cm
Stems per Bunch: 12
Price per Stem: 132p

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Fragrant Garden Rose

Bred in France, Pink O’Hara brings a light confectionary pink to wedding bouquets and other romantic floral designs, along with a rich lavender perfume. Her colour tends to be deeper in the centre, where her petals form the classic four hearts, and lighter on the outside, where they may roll into starry points. Her petals are gathered into a large bloom that is a little airier than is found in some other garden roses, for an effect of depth and texture within the blossom.

Bunch: 12 stems
Colour: Pink
Secondary Colour: Light Pink
Bloom Form: Large Quartered
Bloom Size (6 day period): Starts at 2.4 and opens to 5.7 inches
Head Size: Large
Petal Count: 70
Fragrance Intensity: 5 of 5
Fragrance: Lavender
Vase Life: 10 Days
Origin: France
Length: 40-60 cm
Side Shoots: No
Bloom Opening Habit: 80%
Year Launched: 2008
Awards: SAF Red Ribbon